diy trivets

diy trivets

I never seem to have enough trivets but more importantly, the ones I do have look a bit tired. So I thought it would be fun to make some cool DIY trivets especially to use when I’ve got guests over.

I wanted something modern so I came up with the idea of making these loop trivets with some (faux) granite to liven them up. I went for different sizes and shapes – both oval and round – as they are handy for different sized pots. The longest of my diy trivets is about 26cms long and this can hold 2 small pots or bowls. I wouldn’t suggest going longer than this as they can snap – I learned this through experience! ?

If you love a little weekend making project, then these diy trivets are for you. They’re not difficult to make and they are very handy to have around. Here’s how to make them.

DIY trivets clay

DIY trivets with (faux) granite

polymer clay (I used white and granite effect)
sharp knife
round bowl or similar for shaping round trivet

1. Grab a piece of clay in your main colour and roll it in to a thin, long piece roughly just under one 1cm thick (approx just under ½ an inch). 

2. Roll out your next colour to the same thickness.

3. Join the two pieces by gently pushing them together till they feel stuck and then gently roll with the ball of your hand to join the two pieces. Once you do this, the part where the two different clays join will be a little thinner than the rest so roll out the rest to match this thickness. I went for an overall thickness of about 7-8mm (approx ⅓ of an inch).

4. Decide how big you want your trivet and cut off any excess clay using a sharp knife. (I made a few different sizes both in width and length as they’re handy for different sized pots).

5. Join together the remaining two ends as you did in step 3. Place on a baking tray and for the oval ones, hand shape them on the tray. For the round ones use a bowl or anything round to shape them.  Bake according to instructions.

*Note: Use the same brand of clay for all the colours you use as baking times may vary between brands.

Here’s a short video tutorial:

In case you’re wondering what sizes I made,  I went for approx 13cms (outer diameter) for the round one and for the oval ones, I went for approx 17cms, 21cms and 26cms long.  For the oval ones, keep them fairly narrow as they can then hold smaller dishes and pots too.

polymer clay craft ideas

diy trivets

Will you be giving these polymer clay trivets a go? What colours are you planning to use?

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