DIY Terrazzo Cheese Knives

DIY Terrazzo Cheese KnivesIs there anything better than a good cheese board?! I think not! I am pretty sure I could eat every meal from a grazing board. But other than the food and the board itself, a good set of cheese knives are essential for carving and serving the assortment of cheeses. These DIY terrazzo cheese knives were made with one of my favorite crafting mediums, polymer clay. Not only are they cute and functional, but they are so easy to make for yourself in colors to match your decor.

DIY Terrazzo Cheese Knives

cheese knife blanks
polymer clay like FIMO
-craft knife
-acrylic rolling pin for clay
-baking sheet
-food safe sealant like shellac

DIY Terrazzo Cheese KnivesStep 1: Begin by rolling out a brick of clay that is the primary color you want your cheese knife handle to be. You will want to roll out the clay so that it is around 1/4″ thick. Next, break apart pieces of the colored clay for the terrazzo look portion of your handle. Layer these pieces on top of the rolled out clay.

DIY Terrazzo Cheese KnivesStep 2: Gently press the clay pieces into the base clay with the rolling pin. Then roll the clay into a log shape with the clay piece side towards the center.

DIY Terrazzo Cheese KnivesStep 3: Use the craft knife to gently shave off pieces of the log of clay to expose the colored clay pieces and the terrazzo look. Repeat around all sides of the clay log.

DIY Terrazzo Cheese KnivesStep 4: Finally, slip the end of the cheese knife blank into the clay handle and gently place the completed knife on an upside down baking sheet. Repeat with any other knives and then bake the knives (blade and all) in a 275F oven for 15-20 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool. Then give them a coat of shellac sealant to protect the clay.

DIY Terrazzo Cheese KnivesSurprisingly, polymer clay is non-toxic and safe for use around food, but the food safe shellac sealant gives the knives protection to prevent food contaminants from getting into the porous clay surface and causing bacterial growth.

DIY Terrazzo Cheese Knives

DIY Terrazzo Cheese KnivesNow who else is ready for a little cheeseboard action? I know I thoroughly enjoyed this one after taking all these pictures! xo. Kara

Credits // Author and Photography: Kara Whitten. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.


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