DIY Teddy Bear Out Of Clear Tape – How To Make Clear Tape Bear Nightlight

Super easy and absolutely adorable way to make a light-up teddy bear out of clear tape. Cheap, easy and unique – my style 🙂 Enjoy creating awesome original things out of ordinary regular stuff as much as I do.

By the way, my DIY teddy bear is 40 cm high, but you can make it of any size, depends on balloons you’ll use.

So, to make this cutie you will need:
clear tape (I used wide packing tape (48 mm wide, and it was written on the roll 66 m – which means it’s total length). I used all this roll of tape for the whole bear.
2 balloons (size 28 cm – when blown). One for head, one for body.
7 balloons (size 12 cm – when blown). Two for ears, four for paws and one for tail 🙂
plastic wrap (for food)
LED fairy lights (if you want to make it as a nightlight)

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