DIY swing sets and slides will challenge my creativity this summer. I know that you can easily order these items online, and also find good alternatives in hypermarkets, but nothing compares with home and hand made products. This said, I plan to surprise my kids with a colourful unique playground that also respects the environment. You know what? This will be even more entertaining if you convince them to take part in the decorating process. You do the hard work and then let them practice their imagination with paints and accessories. Our collection of DIY swing sets and slides features lots of fresh ideas!

Delimit the Space Wisely

Those who enjoy lovely gardens at home know that beauty needs permanent maintenance. Once you let your kids explore it all, be prepared for side effects too. So, before actually building the playground, sketch the likeable zones in your yard and delimit the space. If you separate the DIY swing sets and slides area from the whole garden, you will have a well organised field. Moreover, the children learn that there are rules to respect and also plants that need special care and protection. As for favourite picks, landscape designers suggest areas that offer both intimacy and visibility. Sounds paradoxically, but it is not. Let the kids enjoy playing safely, and also keep an eye on their games from time to time. In conclusion, the backyards, the areas in the vicinity of the pergolas or terraces might be of interest for DIY swing sets and slides.

Multi functionality at Its Best

Climbing, sliding and also cooling down on a bench. This multi functional ‘box’ has them all. Plus, it offers the tree house kind of feeling with a little chalet on top of it. If you plan to build something similar in your garden, pick a generous space. As this versatile box is so multi tasking, kids will explore new games all the time. They need space around to practice their curiosity and imagination. First of all, make sure the wooden structure is well rooted and balanced. It will also gain some stability because of the adjacent elements (slides, ladders, swings etc), but it is safer to have it secured from the very beginning. Then, build a little chalet on top of it. Make sure it can be accessed easily and from various positions. Secured fences/ parapets on the top level are also a must. When the construction is ready, invite kids to paint it! They will adore to play with paints, colours, accessories and finally feel satisfied that their contribution is valued.

Tire Swing For Children

First of all, pick out a tire. If you make this for small children, then take something in accordance with their age, weight and height. Look at it carefully and decide what side is better. For a horizontal swing attach some eye-bolts and connect them with ropes or chains. However, the easiest and frequently used formula is the vertical swing. You simply string the tire to a rope or cable and find a hanging point (the branch of a tree for example). If space permits, hang 3 or 4 ropes so to offer multiple choices to the kids. I bet you do not want them fighting for one only swing!

Speaking of the garden, you can also arrange some outdoor pallets in the vicinity of the playground. This way, you will enjoy your coffee while watching the kids playing. Plus, you teach them bits of know-hows about recycling.

Connecting Alleys

Step by step, the playground with swing sets and slides is ready. But what about its connection with the garden? Some prefer an island secluded from the rest of the yard, while others opt for bridging alleys. As illustrated in the picture above, you can make a walking path from the terrace of the house to the playground. As a result, the courtyard feels clean and well organised. You can also separate the playground with a clear border. Wood is frequently used for building swing sets and slides. Try this material for a spectacular DIY project at home!

DIY Swing Sets and Slides For a Happy Family

The construction is light and accommodates easily in every garden. As a result, you can unjoint the pieces and assembly them again in some other places. For example, the courtyard of your holiday house. Swing sets usually feature 2 or 3 sets on the right side suspended by a hardy pillar, while the slide is fixed on the left side. Thus, a generous area results in the vicinity of the slide. The children enjoy enough space while playing.

Would you like to teach them how to recycle as well? Explore 40 ideas for gardening with recycled items.

Welcome! Invite your friends for a relaxing afternoon in your courtyard. You can chatting around the fire pit while swinging in generous wooden benches.


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