This past year, I’ve been seeing this trend of different earrings of a set growing more and more and all the earrings for my latest collection are made following that trend. 
I made a wee tutorial to spark inspiration if you are inclined to get busy for the weekend. It is insane how fast these could be done with what you already have at hand.
So, for these earrings I used:

1) a crochet circle (pattern given below)
2) 2 chains (5 cm each)
3) jump rings
4) metal (filigree bead) + metal tray (I used a leaf)
5) variety of pearl, glass and plastic beads and’
6) earring hooks 

Crochet circle made with sport yarn and 1.9mm hook.
Ch 6 and join to make a circle.
Round 1: sc6 in circle.  
Round 2:ch 2, sc in next st. Sl st to end round. There should be 6 chains.
Round 3: ch 3, sc in next st.Sl st to end round. (6  chains to the end of all rounds)
Round 4: ch 4, sc in next st.Sl st to end round.Work tail. 

I sewed the leaf and a glass bead onto the circle. Then I attached a trio of pearl beads below. Next, attached the chain in the center (at the edge) of the circle and also attached various beads onto the chain. Added the earring hook last.

For the other earring , I attached the metal bead onto the hook, added the butterfly onto which I attached a beaded chain. Now, for the second earring I think adding a remarkable bead for effect is the right thing, so you can play with your beads and see what works for you. 
See, it was easy as 1,2,3. Hope you like this!