DIY String of Lights Gift WrapIs there anything better than getting a package that’s beautifully wrapped?! I mean sure, a ton of stuff is. I know it’s Christmas, but let’s not go overboard. But how happy does good packaging make you because it’s often my favorite part about any gift exchange. If you’re looking to add some color to your holiday giving this year, this DIY string of lights gift wrap is the perfect place to start. Here’s how:

DIY String of Lights Gift WrapMaterials

Baker’s Twine
Mini light ornaments
– Scissors
– Gift boxes + wrapping paper

Note that the ornaments I used appear to currently be out of stock. I linked to others (and there are more options available on Amazon), but they’re a bit different in shape. 

DIY String of Lights Gift WrapStart by picking out your color palette. It helps to  line the bulbs up in a row like they’d appear on the package so you can get an idea of how it’ll look all strung up. 

DIY String of Lights Gift WrapWrap your present. Then string your lights up with the baker’s twine (I put 8 in a row then moved them when tying). If you’re having a hard time getting the twine through the loop, place a piece of tape on the end and trim to size with scissors.

You can either tie the row’s up separately, or just knot the first and tie the second with the same piece of twine. Trim any excess and you’re all done!

DIY String of Lights Gift WrapI love this idea because the bulbs also make cute ornaments for mini trees (so they can be reused by the gift recipient)! You could also use larger ornaments for bigger packages and it will double as a second gift. And what’s not to love about two gifts in one?!

DIY String of Lights Gift Wrap

DIY String of Lights Gift Wrap

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