DIY Spring Treat Ideas for Friends

Here is an amazing video of two twin sisters on how to prepare DIY Spring Treat Ideas for Friends. Brooklyn and Bailey have created these amazing DIY gifts to get you into a fun spirit this Easter. These little gifts are adorable and must try if you haven’t put together your Easter baskets yet.

Easter is undoubtedly a holiday which is known and celebrated for its chocolate, candy and other succulent sweets. So, get ready and put together these cute cheese ball cones this year using minimum supplies. These cones are the fastest to make and still represent the spirit of the holiday in a remarkably unmistakable way.

Video tutorial – DIY Spring Treat Ideas

Cute Little Cones:
First of the two DIY cones is deliberately made to look like a carrot and so you would need a transparent cone bag, orange cheese balls, and a green frill ribbon. Brooklyn and Bailey will tell you how to transform these three individual materials into an awesome DIY gift for your friends this Easter. The craft literally takes a few minutes before your cone is ready to flaunt. Your friends will not only enjoy delicious cheese balls but will also praise the way you have wrapped your gift.

The second cone is even more tempting because it is made to look like an ice-cream cone. You would need a sugar cone, your favorite candy or Easter eggs. See the video to know the wrapping style. DIY Spring Treat Ideas for Friends will definitely make you shine in your group.

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