Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for! I love quick projects that help me get my home in the Halloween spirit. These three spooky Halloween lanterns are quick and easy to make.

Supplies Used:

  • Various sized lanterns
  • Clear printable labels
  • Vellum paper
  • Small decorative skulls
  • Candle holder
  • Decorative bird cage
  • Spray Paint
  • Battery operated tea lights

To make the “head” light lantern:

This lantern is very simple to make and it looks so spooky!  You’ll need to find a lantern that has a removable top portion instead of a base that opens up. Take the removable top off the lantern, turn on the battery operated tea light, and set it in the  base of the lantern. Arrange small decorative plastic skulls around the tea light, making sure that they all face towards the glass. When the lantern is full, simply put the top back on.

To make the ghostly lantern light:

Print the ghostly figures onto transparent sticker paper. Measure the size of the lantern glass, and trace the dimensions onto white vellum paper. Peel the ghostly figure stickers off the paper backing, and attach the ghosts to the vellum. Cut out the vellum rectangles, and slip the papers behind the glass of the lantern. Use a battery operated tea light to create a spooky, flickering glow behind the ghostly figures. This lantern really looks creepy when the room gets dark!

To make the caged creatures lantern:

Use E-6000 to glue a decorative bird cage to the top of a wood candle stick holder. Spray paint both the cage and the candlestick after the glue has dried.  Fill the bird cage with decorative skeletons and a battery operated tea light.

This trio of lanterns works as a grouping, or you can let them stand alone. They make for creepy home decor, but they would also work as a centerpiece for a Halloween party, too. Have fun crafting and creating spooky Halloween lanterns to decorate with!

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