I shared a couple of wreath making tutorials on Instagram Stories last week, and everyone went crazy for them. I have put a tutorial together so now you can make your very own Christmas wreath. They are really straight forward to make, this one is simple and traditional but I also made a more natural one, quite similar to last year which I will try and post asap. The principles are the same, gather small bunches of foliage and then wrap around a hoop, I’ve put all the details below…

You’ll need – a mix of foliage – I used eucalyptus from a flower stall (try a florist, they normally have loads!), bay, rosemary and ivy from the garden, a wire wreath frame, florist wire (mine was on a roll but this stuff is probably better as you won’t need to cut lengths)

Step 1. Cut sprigs of foliage about 10cm long. Keep a length of stem 3 – 4 cm free from leaves at the base of your sprig, this is where you’ll wrap onto the frame – too many leaves gets messy. 
Step 2. Taking a length of wire, secure the leaves to the outside of the frame by wrapping the wire two or three times around the frame and stem. Repeat this step mixing different leaf shapes and textures. 
Step 3. You could repeat step 2. if you wanted a really full wreath. I was running out of time so took lengths of ivy and twisted them around the centre frame securing when needed with wire. 
I added a twist of wire to the back so it could be hung on the door and then added a simple cream wired ribbon (you can get wired ribbon everywhere at this time of year, have a look in gift wrapping   sections of shops) to cover the hook and nail. 

I ended up giving this to my mum as my front door is too disgusting for a wreath! I think she’ll add berries and more foliage as the month goes on. If your wreath is looking a little worse for wear then a quick (gentle) rinse under a cold tap brings it back to life. I really hope you give this tutorial a go or are inspired to make a Christmas wreath this year. Happy making! x