DIY: Shibori with Indigo Dye

A little different than tie dye, Shibori is a Japanese method of dyeing patterns by twisting, binding, wrapping, folding, stitching. The main dye used for this technique is Indigo because of its easy to create resist patterns on fabric. Jacquard products make it simple to create this ancient natural dye using their Indigo kit here.

The Indigo kit has all the supplies you’ll need for a successful dye session and it has enough dye you can create plenty of designs.

You’ll also need natural fabrics. For this I used Organic Cotton Plus’s white Sateen and muslin fabric. To date this is my favorite in the way it takes the dye. It really makes a difference in the shade of the indigo dye when using 100% natural fabrics. It was much more vibrant and the resist portions were more bold.

In this video I’m sharing different stitch resist patterns called Nui Shibori. A simple running stitch is used on the cloth then pulled tight to gather the cloth. The thread must be pulled very tight and secured by knotting before being dyed.

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