I’m putting my kids faces in eggs this year. My kiddos thought it was hilarious and loved the idea of seeing themselves on eggs. Go ahead and buy some tattoo paper to start this project with your kiddos.

For this project, you many need a little experience with photoshop. Since I used photoshop to extract my kids faces out of photos. You may be able to use Word Document as well or any other image editing app or program.


-Tattoo Printable Paper
– Scissors
– Faux or real eggs
– Wipe & Water


  • Print your photos on tattoo paper: I used photoshop and used the quick selection tool to abstract the face of my kiddos out of the photo. Then I dragged the face into a new blank document in size 8 x 11.5 paper standard size. Then print on tattoo. Make sure to read directsion from tattoo paper.
  • Cut out the tattoos.
  • Apply damped wipe on top of the tattoo.  Place another wet wipe to saturate and press firmly to smooth the tattoo as much as possible.


Now, it’s your turn to add you kiddos beautiful faces on eggs. They will sure love the surprise.