DIY Patterned Paper Clock

Well hello! Today’s tutorial is all about creating a modern DIY Patterned Paper Clock. Want to hear more? Read on for the full instructions!

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DIY Patterned Paper Clock – Materials

  • Pattern – I used one of my own patterns that I used for my Society6 shop!
  • Printer
  • Graphic software
  • Pencil 
  • Circle template (like a plate)
  • Clock Movement Kit – I got mine at Michaels
  • Thick cardstock or bristol paper
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors

Instructions – DIY Patterned Paper Clock

Prepare Your Pattern For Printing

  1. Open your graphic software
  2. Add the pattern to a new document

Print Your Artwork

Send the pattern to print on thick cardstock or bristol paper

Trace And Cut The Clock Face

  1. Draw a circle on the patterned printout
  2. Cut the circle out using your scissors
  3. Create a hole in the middle of the circle

Build Your Patterned Paper Clock

Once you have completed the clock face, assemble the clock onto the face using the instructions that come with the clock kit, and finally – add a battery.

And that’s it! You now have a lovely modern clock that will brighten up any room. The beauty of this DIY is that you can change the face whenever you want, based on season or just for a little refresh!

DIY Patterned Paper Clock

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