A nightstand can be a perfect DIY project for a beginner because it’s a small and simple piece of furniture and you can have a lot of fun customizing and personalizing the design. Think of it as a mini-table or as a tiny cabinet. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you wish but we’re generally more inclined towards minimalism so we suggest you stick with a clean and simple design. There are plenty of options to choose from so we’re showing you our favorite DIY nightstand projects.

Modern Two-Toned Nightstand

This modern two-tone nightstand has an asymmetrical design which complements its minimalism in a really cool way. To build it you only need some lumber, a few tools including a circular saw, a dowel jig, a drill, a nail gun and white paint (or a different color).

You can keep the design of a DIY nightstand simple and still give it lots of character by focusing on a particular detail and make that element stand out. For example, this cute nightstand has a sliding barn door. Actually, it’s a mini version of that and it looks adorable. On shanty-2-chic you can find out how to build a nightstand like this you yourself.

You can also find plans on shanty-2-chic for a nightstand with hidden storage which can also serve as a cabinet or extension for a desk or as a side table. The design is simple but something a little something that makes it special. It may be the stain color or the rustic influence in the design.

This DIY nightstand featured on welivedhappilyeverafter looks quite similar to a backless chair. It has four legs and a top and because it’s so basic that means it’s also easy to build. The legs are painted white and they contrast a bit with the wooden top boards which is a really nice detail.

We find the nightstand featured on dwell to be very interesting, for obvious reasons. This is a nightstand made out of concrete blocks. You can buy these and they’re pretty cheap. You need three blocks to make a nightstand. Two of them form the base and the third one is the top. Isn’t it convenient how you can store things inside the blocks?

As you can see, we like the idea of repurposing things into practical furniture pieces so let’s check out a few more examples. This nightstand, for instance, is a repurposed wooden barrel. You can get one too. It’s just a matter of finding the right barrel.

Four wood beams are put together here to create a solid and compact nightstand which can also serve as a side table. Flat steel bars are used to keep the beams connected and to give the nightstand its clean, geometric shape. You can try to build something like this yourself or you can order the item on etsy.

This doesn’t happen a lot but if you by any chance have a cabinet door and you know what to do with it, turn it into a floating nightstand. Obviously you could just use a piece of wood or fiberboard cut to size but it’s more fun to repurpose items. This clever idea comes from urbanacreage.

It’s useful for nightstands to also have some sort of storage space like a drawer or a shelf so take this detail into consideration when selecting the design for your next DIY nightstand project. The plans featured on brittanystager are a good example and the design is also really chic which is always a plus.

If a shelf isn’t enough and you want your nightstand to include more storage space, how about a repurposed Ikea Rast cabinet which can act as a nightstand instead? It has three drawers and the dimensions are good. Of course, to make it look this way some work needs to be done. Find out the details on brittanystager.

This chic nightstand from build-basic has both a shelf and a drawer which is great. It also has tapered legs and a sleek and elegant design which is reminiscent of mid-century modern furniture. Have a look at the tutorial to find out how to build your own version.

Like we said before, a simple DIY nightstand can look chic and charming if you know what details to focus on. A nice example is the project shared on fallfordiy. This nightstand is a simple open box/ cubby with tapered legs that have golden tips. The wood is light-colored and left unstained which is a wonderful way of expressing the beauty of the material.

There are also other ways of showcasing wood’s natural beauty. For example, this is a wood slab side table with hairpin legs. It can function as a nightstand in the bedroom or you can place it by the sofa in the living room. Either way, it looks charming. It’s easy to build too.

A tree stump side table can function as a nightstand too. To make one you need a tree trunk or a large log cut to size. You can leave the bark on or not. You can also put casters on it so yo can move it around more easily, given that it would be pretty heavy.

We’d also like to show you this hairpin leg side table which has the perfect proportions to function as a nightstand. You can make something like this out of common wood boards or you can use reclaimed wood from a pallet or a fence if you like the worn look.

We continue the list of things which can be repurposed into unique furniture pieces with this nightstand featured on designsponge which used to be a drum. We think it’s a genius idea, especially if you’re a music lover. It doesn’t have to be a brand new drum. An old and damaged one would do just fine. You’d just have to clean it up a bit.

Rustic DIY nightstands are particularly charming and it may have something to do with the fact that the bedroom is a cozy space and this style suits it well. You can find plans for a rustic bedside table on rogueengineer. The design is simple but full of character.

This DIY nightstand design featured on shadesofblueinteriors also has a little bit of rustic charm in it but it also has a modern vibe and this combination is perfect for the bedroom. To build this nightstand you only need a few basic supplies like umber, screws, nails, wood glue and stain.

Floating nightstands are great for small bedrooms because they don’t take up any floor space and they have a simple and lightweight appearance. They’re also super easy to build. The design featured on themerrythought only requires two small pieces of wood and some screws. Notice it has a built-in dock for the phone.

Pallet wood is great for a lot of cool home improvement projects. A nightstand made out of pallet wood can potentially look wonderful and charming and in such a case the more weathered the wood is the better, at least that’s what this project from instructables suggests. Seeing how lovely this nightstand looks we tend to agree.

Speaking of recycled and repurposed materials, you should also check out these cool cheese box nightstands from laxtoyvr. They’re really cute and quite practical too. They have casters and they provide a nice contrast with a bed that has a clean, rectangular frame.

If you’d like to simplify your bedroom decor and you don’t really need your nightstands to include much storage, a cool idea could be to make some hanging shelves like the ones featured on diys. You can hang them from the ceiling or you can create a custom wall-mounted system.

Of course, you may already have a pair of nightstands and if they’re in good shape then you could give them a makeover and change their look. For instance, you can decorate them with tape, with fabric or with decals. Check out the ideas featured on seekaresew for inspiration.

Sometimes you simply can’t find a nightstand that has the right dimensions or look in stores so you either have to make compromises or to build your own nightstand. We’re always in favor of the second option. This inspiring project from brickcitylove can show you why.

A bookshelf at the top and a toy box at the bottom, that’s how this DIY nightstand is structured. It’s an interesting combo and although the actual shape and design could be modified to better suit one’s space and style, the idea remains a pretty cool one. Find the plans for this project on andreasnotebook. .

Mid-century modern furniture is trending right now and a lot of DIY projects can show you how to build stuff in this style. One example is this beautiful and elegant nightstand from rogueengineer. The design is fairly simple and a big part of the design’s charm has to do with the color contrasts.

Floating nightstands, as mentioned before, are a great option for small spaces and usually they’re simple wall-mounted shelves. The design featured on mylove2create is a bit different in the sense that it has certain details which allow it to stand out, more specifically the double X pattern on the sides.

The base of this DIY nightstand from makinghomebase is actually a simple wire basket, can you believe it? The basket was spray painted and then a wooden tabletop was secured with fasteners and screws, creating this lovely piece. It can be used as a nightstand but also as a side table.

Sometimes the perfect DIY nightstand is right in front of you and you just have to have an open mind. For instance, have you ever looked at a wooden crate and imagined it as something else? Maybe you could do that next time and what you’ll see could be a nightstand as charming as the one featured on dwellbeautiful.

Maybe you’ve seen cable spools being turned into tables before. It’s a cool transformation and if the tables weren’t so round and big you could also use them as nightstands. Actually you can do that and the solution is very simple: cut a cable spool in half vertically to make two matching nightstands. This ingenious idea comes from avisiontoremember.

As you’ve seen, a wooden crate can be easily turned into a nightstand but there’s actually more than one way to do it. You can attach the crate to the wall but you can also install hairpin legs (or some other kind) or you can stack two crates to make a larger freestanding nightstand with lots of storage inside. All of these options are described in more detail on morelikehome.

Don’t lose hope if you have a small bedroom and the space for the nightstand is very narrow. There are ways to overcome this challenge. A good example is the DIY nightstand project from amber-oliver which is very slender, like a mini tower and has tiny shelves and even a simple cable-management system.

A DIY nightstand makeover doesn’t have to be very complex or time-consuming in order to be efficient or to have a big impact on the design of the nightstand and the room in general. An easy upgrade with marble contact paper could be a great option in this case.

Sometimes you don’t even ave to change anything when you want to repurpose a piece of furniture into something else. A chair, for example, can be used as a nightstand and all you’d need to do in order to make that happen is move the chair by the bed. It helps if the chair has a solid and flat seat, like the one featured on emmas-blogg. Vintage and traditional chairs are particularly suitable for such transformations.

One, two or more vintage suitcases can also be repurposed into a one-of-a-kind nightstand. You can stack the suitcases by the bed and you can even store things inside if needed. For example, you could keep some of your favorites books there or perhaps an extra blanket. If you like the idea, check out some of the design possibilities on 17apart.

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