Tired of reaching over to your coffee table for your drink? Never able to find the remotes? This custom sofa table fits neatly behind your sofa and is fitted with an outlet so you can easily plug in your phone, computer, or tablet without having to reach down behind the sofa. This table is the perfect place to hold a glass, snack, or your TV remotes so they’re in easy each. After you make this, you’ll never have to leave the couch again!


  • Wood
  • Dowel rod
  • Coping saw
  • Pencil
  • Sanding block
  • Drill with regular bit
  • Wood glue
  • Wire snips
  • Outlet box
  • Outlet
  • Outlet cover
  • 3 prong extension cord
  • Phillips head screw driver

1. Have your local hardware store cut 3 pieces of wood to your desired dimensions. Your dimensions will be based off the back of your sofa. Make sure that the depth of the wood is large enough to accommodate an outlet if desired (as shown in this tutorial here).

2. Using your long piece of wood that will span across the back of the sofa, mark out where you want your outlet. Draw around the outlet cover with a pencil. Drill out the holes in each corner where you have marked your outlet.

3. Use your coping saw to saw out the hole for the outlet box. Drop in the outlet box.

4. Put together your table by gluing the edges of the center piece of wood and attaching the two side pieces that will end up as legs.

5. To finish securing the legs to the top of the table, we dropped in dowel rods by drilling out holes in either corner of the top portion of the wood into the leg. Cut down the dowel and sand. Let dry. This will ensure that the legs are very sturdy and look much better than screws.

6. Next you will need to wire in your outlet. Cut a 3 prong extension cord in half. Keep the part with the plug that goes into the wall. pull out the 3 wires inside the cord and use your wire snips to peal back the plastic around each.

7. Thread the wires into the outlet box.

8. Wire up your outlet (a basic search will show you proper wiring instruction- white wire goes to silver, black to brass, green goes to green or ground wire).

9. Use your screw driver to screw down the wires on the outlet and then screw the outlet into the outlet box.

10. Place the outlet cover on the outlet box.

11. Sand the edges of the table and add and finish or touch ups as needed.

Move your sofa out from the wall and put the table behind the sofa. Plug the extension cord piece from your outlet box into the wall. Move the sofa back against the table against the wall the reinforce. Stage or style as desired!

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