For a quick and colourful key chain craft, pick up some embroidery floss and follow the steps below.

I’m all about the simple-to-do crafts, but these tassels are perfect because I like how chunky they are! Plus, tassels are in now more than ever.  To make your version, you’ll need:


1.  Cut a lengthy piece of floss from one of the colours and put it aside.  Then, gather the bunch and intertwine them with your fingers.
2.  Insert the floss through the key ring hole.
3.  Wrap the piece you cut earlier several times around and triple knot it.  Then dab a little of Sally Hansen’s clear coat to harden the knot.
4.  Use the embroidery scissors to cut through the loops.  Then use the larger scissors to straighten out the bottom in one quick snip.