In our garden we have pots and pots of sempervivum succulents literally pouring down from said pots and I got an idea to make them little houses out of clay.

For this project I used ordinary clay and tempera colors, although I believe they would be much more attractive with acrylic ones. I also used transparent varnish to give them shine.

Here’s how it goes:
Take a piece of clay and sculpt a mini bowl which would be 5  or 6 cm in diameter. Put the clay ball into your palm and pushing with your thumb knuckle – make it a nest, i.e. a bowl.

Work with fingers to make it deeper.

Leave to dry. Although the weather is scorching hot in my corner of the world, I left them to dry for a day. Color them. Doddle or draft a pattern. Apply varnish.

Add soil and stick the succulents in.


They make such a lovely splash of joy.


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