Ice Cream is, hands-down, my most favorite treat and so I love the idea of sprucing up a party with this cute and clever garland that creates ice cream out of mini honeycomb balls!

Mini Honeycomb Ice Cream Garland | Oh Happy Day! Mini Honeycomb Ice Cream Garland | Oh Happy Day!

Tip: With this project, selecting the right combination of colors is imperative! We’ve chosen a palette of soft pastels. Before you begin your project co-ordinate your collection of honeycomb balls with matching colored cardstock to achieve a cohesive look.

Tools and Materials: Mini Honeycomb Balls in assorted colors, Colored cardstock, Scissors, Big needle, Twine, Glue, Ruler, Printer.

Step 1: Download, print out and cut out the ice cream cone template.
Step 2: Trace the template onto card stock. Don’t forget to mark the fold line.
Step 3: Cut out the ice cream cone shapes from the card stock.
Step 4: Using a ruler, fold along the fold line.
Step 5: Glue the cone together at the fold line
Step 6: Assemble the mini honeycomb balls by opening them up and sealing them.
Step 7: Glue the honeycomb ball to the cone by making a ring of glue along the top of the cone.
Step 8: Thread a big needle with twine and insert through the honeycomb balls to connect them (If you look closely at the honeycomb ball you will see the holes where you can pass the needle through).
Mini Honeycomb Ice Cream Garland | Oh Happy Day!
Mini Honeycomb Ice Cream Garland | Oh Happy Day!

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Crafting, Styling and Photos by Andrea Ramirez
Art Direction by Jordan Ferney and Amy Moss