When I first learned to sew, I remember using a lot of my family’s give away clothing for fabric. I’d go ask my dad if he wanted to give away any items in his closet and would usually end up with a couple of dress shirts to take apart. It beat taking me to the fabric store every week. This was how I began my sewing and design career. I preferred using the men’s shirts because of the standard woven material and the different parts I could use. I wanted to create a full line on this concept. Not much has changed, and I still scavenge through my husband’s closet for unworn/old dress shirts each spring to refashion. Well before I could even get to it I was lucky enough to score this dress shirt from my husband.  I couldn’t understand why he’d be giving it to me until he pointed out the ink stains along the bottom hem we were unable to wash out. So it was mine to update and I didn’t want to change much because who doesn’t love a white collared shirt? It’s a wardrobe staple. With a few alterations and Dritz Grommet products I managed to create a edgy spin on this classic piece.

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