Is there anything more classy than leather tassels? They are cute in any way and used almost everywhere, so when I bumped into this rectangle of scrap leather I immediately knew what to craft with it: a tassel! The initial idea was to add it to a black leather bag, but turns out I don’t have any (weird, uh? All ladies should have at least one!). So I found this gold chain and thought it would pair perfectly with my leather tassel to be. I’m of curse using eco-friendly leather, but as always this is up to you. Also the size of the tassel we’re about to make can be changed based on your taste: clearly, the smaller, the cuter, the most difficult to make.

diy leather tassel necklace wear

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • leather
  • scissors
  • chain and jump ring
  • needle nose pliers
  • needle

diy leather tassel necklace material

Start by cutting a rectangular leather shape approximately 3.14 x 4.7 inches. You can of course make it smaller (or bigger!)

diy leather tassel ncklace cut

Next, cut fringes. Make them 85% the length of the rectangle, trying to make them all finish at the same height.

diy leather tassel ncklace fringe

Roll it up and push a needle through the part without fringes.

diy leather tassel ncklace roll

Take out the needle and make the jump ring enter the hole just made. I had some trouble making this step because the jum ring kept bending, so I recommend you keep on using the needle to push it in more easily.

diy leather tassel necklace pin

Help yourself with pliers to bend the straight end around the ringed end.

diy leather tassel necklace close

Finally, give a trim to tassel fringes that aren’t in line: they must be all at the same level.

diy leather tassel necklace trim

Our leather tassel is ready! Now you can potentially attach it to anything! I added it to this gold chain to make a trendy necklace.

diy leather tassel necklace assemble

Well done! Have you ever upcycled something with tassels? I can’t wait to make more of these cute gorgeous elements to attach to all my home decor!

diy leather tassel necklace set2

diy leather tassel necklace set

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