Easter is just around the corner and we are bringing back our popular Easter Unicorn Eggs into this year celebration.

We saw those jumbo eggs at Michael’s and I knew we had to re-create them this year as our unicorn eggs. We painted them white, added a horn, and then flowers plus our favorite sleepy eyes.


Materials needed:

  • Michael’s Jumbo Easter Eggs
  • white acrylic paint
  • gold card-stock paper
  • faux spring flowers
  • black sharpie or vinyl sleepy eyes
  • glue gun and scissors


  • Paint your jumbo eggs using the paint drip technique by pouring the white paint onto the egg. Leave for a few minutes until almost all paint has dripped. Using a brush, brush the ends and smooth out trims. Leave dry for a few hours or overnight.
  • Draw or stick the sleepy eyes onto the eggs.
  • Cut out the unicorn horn using a template and hot glue ends. Hot glue to egg.
  • Hot glue flowers around the unicorn horn and viola.


Very easy and my daughter was so happy with her jumbo unicorn eggs that decorates her room for Easter day.