diy folded paper ball tutorial adorablestDIY – How to Make Folded Paper Balls. Hang them as a garland or use them as shelf decor. As these are quite large ‘balls’ you could even fill them with goodies as an Advent Calendar for Christmas. Free Template and easy instructions to follow.

You will need:

folded circles templates free printable adorablestThese are the PDF templates you need to complete this project like in the picture. Download below and print 2 copies of each:

  • Access to a printer to print templates
  • Scissors
  • Glue (for paper – ‘stick’ kind works great)
  • String (if you want to make a garland)

How to:

diy folded paper ball tutorial steps adorablest1. To make 3 balls, you will need 2 copies of each template. (1 set shown in pic)

2. Cut out the 24 circles. 6 each of marble, coral, navy & mustard.

3. Cut out your triangle template. It is an equilateral triangle to help folding.

4. Place the template in a circle and fold – coloured side up.

5. Continue folding each piece in all colours.

6. Now you’ll have 24 folded circles.

7. Group into 3 piles (of 8). In each 2 of marble, coral, navy & mustard.

8. Glue your pieces.

9. Try to separate the colours. On the last piece to glue …

10. Thread in some string, before gluing the last piece.

diy folded paper ballFolded Paper Balls Garland hanging on a door, so you can see their size.

diy folded paper balldiy-folded-paper-ball-3diy folded paper balldiy folded paper ballIf you use and like these templates, let me know how they work out for you, Thanks!


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