DIY Hot Cocoa Party FavorsNow that cold weather is finally here, it means it’s officially hot cocoa season. That’s right, for the next few months we can all enjoy all the cocoa we want, guilt free! If you plan on entertaining during the holidays, or are just looking to make some quick stocking stuffers, these DIY hot cocoa favors are the perfect stress free project. Plus they look much cuter than an ordinary bag of cocoa. Here’s how you can whip up a set in about ten minutes:

Time: 10 minutes
Materials: hot cocoa, test tubes, funnel, tablespoon, marshmallows, twine

DIY Hot Cocoa Party FavorsI recommend using plastic test tubes instead of glass because the last thing we all want while crafting is to clean up shards of glass (take it from me). Plastic tubes will also help make this a kid friendly craft if you’re looking for a fun teachers gift project.

DIY Hot Cocoa Party FavorsAdd 3 tablespoons of hot cocoa to your tube and top with marshmallows or sprinkles. For a bit of extra fun, you can also crush up and add a bit of peppermint!

Each tube makes one cup of cocoa when paired with 8oz of milk or water.

DIY Hot Cocoa Party FavorsSeal with a cork and decorate the outside. I used a fun twine that I found at Hallmark. They have a bigger assortment in stores (including a gorgeous sparkly gold). Find out if there’s a store near you so you can check ‘em all out!

DIY Hot Cocoa Party FavorsThat’s really all there is to it! You can gift the tubes individually or pair with Hallmark’s adorable snowman mug, it’s up to you and your gift giving needs. Personally I’m partial to the mug (he’s just so cute!). Regardless of what you decide, just don’t forget to make yourself a mug of cocoa with extra marshmallows of course, to sip while you craft!

DIY Hot Cocoa Party Favors

DIY Hot Cocoa Party Favors



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