Add a little love to your storage this Valentine’s Day with a quick and easy basket upgrade. Take a simple floor basket (or something smaller if desired) and add a pop of colorful yarn in a heart pattern to splash some Valentine’s day fun into your home decor. This nonpermanent hack is perfect for the novice DIYer and Valentine’s Day gift!


  • Woven Basket (the chunkier the better)
  • Thick yarn (in red, pink, or purple)
  • Plastic yarn needle
  • Piece of scrap paper
  • Sewing scissors
  • Paper scissors


1. To start, create a template for your heart stitching. Fold a piece of paper in half and carefully cut out a half heart shape along the fold (like making Valentines in grade school!) with your paper scissors.

2. Trim up the sides of the heart to perfect your shape. Open up the folded paper heart and make any further adjustments to the shape as needed.

3. Lay your paper heart template down on one side of the basket. Tape or pin in place. This is what you will use to stitch around.

4. Thread your yarn through your plastic knitting needle. Use a needle with an eye big enough for the yarn but small enough to fit through the weaves of the basket. Here, since we used a thinner yarn, we double threaded our needle to make a thicker outline of the heart. Start at the bottom of the heart and begin to stitch around your template.

5. Continue stitching in and out of the weave around the template until you have gone around the heart once. Remove the paper piece and thread back around the heart again, filling in the areas with a stitch to the outside of the basket that were missed on the first go around.

6. Once your heart has been stitched completely, tie off your yarn and snip off any excess pieces with your fabric scissors. Manipulate the yarn on the weave to round out your heart as needed.

Leave the basket as is with a solo heart or add a few more around the sides. Keep it like this long term or easily remove the yarn with a few scissor snips after the holiday is over!

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