Tell me if I’m the only one who takes “new year” resolutions when it’s back to school time! I just feel it’s the best time to start over and make some changes! So one of my resolutions for this year is making more kids friendly DIY!  I already have a few decor and toys ideas! Let’s start with a simple tutorial to make colorful dominoes! I saw this great idea on pinterest years ago (and of course I could not found the pin again). It was time to give it a try!
Cut a wooden plank into small sections. I used reclaimed wood, which dimensions were 1 3/4′ x 3/4′ and I cut 3 1/2 length pieces. It will work with any dimensions, the section you cut need to be twice the wood width. You will need 28 pieces to make a dominoes game.
Sand all the pieces and draw the shape on the pieces. I used a glue cap to make the dot and a glass to draw the arch. Be creative and use items from around the house. You need to come with 7 different shapes ( instead of numbers from 0 to 6).

Paint the shapes. Assign a color for each shape. I picked blue for the triangle, dark green for the dot, and so on…

You must end up with 7 pieces for each shape. One double shape ( double triangle for example) and 6 other with one different shape on it.

Here is the complete set!

Trying the game with my kids! I explain the rules and they had fun playing…once! Then they used the dominoes to build a house and matchbox car garages! Well, I guess it’s an other way to have fun with the dominoes!