DIY Giant Ghost Emoji Out Of Clear Tape – How To Make Clear Tape Ghost Nightlight

Super cute #doityourself #Ghost made of clear tape. This video is an easy tutorial where I show how to make a huge light-up emoji ghost out of clear tape. This original idea is cheap, easy and made with regular stuff everybody has at home.

This is an absolutely adorable #DIY #Halloween decoration for home and front yard (lawn)!

My DIY Ghost is 45 cm high, but you can make it of any size, depends on glass/vase height and ball/balloon size you will use.

So, to make this friendly ghost #emoji you will need:
clear tape (I used wide clear packing tape / clear box-sealing tape (48 mm wide and 50 m long). I used 1 roll of tape for the whole ghost.
basketball ball or a big balloon.
tall glass or vase.
2 small balloons (for arms).
plastic wrap / cling film.
LED fairy lights wrapped over clear vase or table / bedside lamp.

Really hope you’ll enjoy this easy project as much as I did.

Btw, I’m going to make a few small ones same way. Please tag me on the pictures of ghosts you made as @idunngoddess.

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