Love Frida Kahlo? Same here, and decided to add a little Frida into Easter this year.  Turn your Easter eggs into Frida Kahlo by simply adding Frida Tattoos onto the eggs, and add faux flowers for a finishing touch.




Materials Needed:

  • Black and white Frida Kahlo image. You can of course search google (Black and White Frida Kahlo) or buy a digital file from Etsy.  I bought the image from Etsy to print out and frame.
  • Eggs
  • Mini flowers
  • Glue gun

Instructions: Make sure the eggs are dry and cooled. You can also use faux eggs from Target; they worked perfectly. Place the tattoo on the egg, and place a damped wipe, pressing firmly. Smooth out tattoo while pressing down with the wipe. Add more water if necessary to the wipe.

Once egg is dried, cut out mini flowers and remove them from the stem. Hot glue the tiny flowers on Frida Kahlo’s egg.




What will you be making this Easter? How will you crafting your eggs? Need ideas? Check out our Easter egg ideas.