A good table stands at the core of every dining room, whether it’s a separate room or a part of the open plan social area and regardless of the decor style. That being said, we feel partial to dining areas that have a subtle rustic vibe and we love the look of solid wood dining tables. With that in mind, today we’ve compiled a list of farmhouse table plans, designs and ideas for you to be inspired by.

We’ll start with a great little project from instructables which teaches you how to build a farmhouse dining table and a bench using readily available lumber which you can get from your local home supply store. Look for kiln-dried heat treated lumber for best results. The table has a simple design with a removable top and the bench is mainly just a miniature version of the table with different proportions.

Building a table is fairly simple, especially if you choose a simple design. A few basic tools and supplies should be everything you need to ensure the success of this project. For example, all it took to build this beautiful farmhouse table was some wood, stain, sandpaper, screws, a drill and a saw.Check out instructables for more details related to this project.

We love the idea of a handmade dining table. It brings character to the room and also makes for a great conversation starter. Give your table sturdy frames and good support so everyone can feel comfortable around it and consider also building some matching benches just to simplify the decor a little and to bring people together. There’s a great tutorial honeybearlane which you can follow so make sure you check it out.

A nice idea can be to give your farmhouse table that lovely worn look by lightly sanding it after the paint has dried just to create an uneven surface and to suggest the passage of time. Notice this table has sculptural legs and a white base which contrasts with the dark-stained wooden top. It’s a nice combo often featured in rustic furniture design. Check out iheartnaptime for more information on this project.


Here’s yet another nice-looking and easy to build farmhouse dining table. This time the contrast between the base and the top is even more noticeable because of the proportions. The table legs are big and sturdy and the top is thin and gives the table a lightweight appearance. All-in-all, a nicely-balanced design. Find the plans and more details on decorandthedog.

A DIY farmhouse table is the perfect project for a patio or a covered deck. By building it yourself you get to save some money plus you get the satisfaction of knowing you made something useful which others can enjoy too. The same can be said about indoor dining areas and the furniture that goes in them. Find the plans and cut list for this table on amber-oliver.

Let’s check out other table designs and plans, like the one featured on buildsomething. The X supports give this table a really nice look with lots of rustic charm. Apart from that, everything else is pretty basic and straightforward. The top is thick and solid, just as it should be for a farmhouse table.

Perfect for family dinners and social gatherings, this farmhouse table has an elegant design and is complemented by a matching bench. Also, it can expand thanks to its pull-out side panels adding two extra seats at the ends. The dark stain finish is gorgeous proving just how much the finishing touches matter for a project. Head over to addicted2diy to find out more about this inspiring project.

If you’re a fan of the X brace farmhouse design there’s also a nice project tutorial on cherishedbliss which you can check out to find out more about this type of table. The metal pipe support beam is a nice design detail as well. It gives the table a hint of industrial charm and is also very practical.

What’s nice about getting to build your own furniture is that you can adjust the design and the dimensions however you want. In the case of a dining table you get to choose the exact height that you prefer for maximum comfort in addition to other customizable details. Also, you get to choose the finish. Check out this light-colored farmhouse table from lovegrowswild. Isn’t it lovely?

As you’ve probably noticed there’s no single way to design or build a dining table so that it has that farmhouse look that makes it so charming and there are many variations to choose from. You can find some farmhouse table plans on ana-white which will show you how to build something simple and straight-forward which looks nice and in many ways even transcends trends and styles.

Speaking of different styles and variations, we also found a cool farmhouse table building tutorial on eastcoastcreativeblog which you might want to check out. The most notable detail, in this case, is the fact that the legs and the base as a whole seem rather thin compared to the proportions of the table top. Of course, this is intentional and gives the table a lightweight and somewhat delicate appearance.

We also want to share with you a very beautiful farmhouse table that we found on domesticimperfections. The top is more or less the same as the others we’ve seen so far and the difference here is the structure of the base. It has a nice continuous frame with footrests on all sides and we have to say that this type of design actually gives it an even more authentic farmhouse vibe. Check out the bench too.

There’s one detail which we haven’t really focused on so far, expect for that one other project featured earlier: Extension leaves are very practical in the case of a dining table even when they’re not adding that much more tabletop space. In the case of this project that we found on sweettoothsweetlife it’s about making the sides just wide enough to become more comfortable when someone sits down at either end of the table.

We’re going to end this list with one of the most classic-looking farmhouse tables we can think of. It’s a simple table with four solid wood legs and a wooden top. There are no embellishments or unnecessary little design details which would often be the case with this sort of tables. Because of this simplicity, you actually have the opportunity to make the space more interesting by adding cool-looking dining chairs with different designs. Check out the plans on boxycolonial.

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