Farmhouse decor is all the hype these days and it seems everyone is trying to make their home look like a rustic vintage farmhouse. Even if not fully embracing this style, some accents here and there add a lot of charm. That can be especially said about DIY farmhouse decor. I don’t know what that is – sentimental memories from childhood or new hipster ways to decorate – but it certainly has a lot of appeal.

So we’ve made this epic guide on how to decorate your home in farmhouse style yourself. Below you’ll find over 100 DIY tutorials and 200 inspirational ideas for a real DIY farmhouse decor style. This is really one of a kind guide on the internet, so we encourage you to dissect it and peruse it for tons of ideas. Have fun!

DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas
Farmhouse Decor Ideas
Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas

What makes farmhouse decor so attractive as compared to similar shabby chic or rustic styles in general is the absence of rules. You can have simple rustic accents, mix them with worn down vintage or modern clean pieces and have an aesthetic look. This simplicity with the ability to make a home feel like home is really captivating and we love it.

Barn Wood Shutters

Barn doors can make a great accent decoration for the walls or mantels and as part of decor displays. It immediately brings out the farmhouse style and the coziness that comes with it.

DIY Farmhouse Table

As a more elaborate project, those of you who like wood-crafting will love this DIY farmhouse table. It will transform any dining area into a real farmhouse style marvel.

Jute Placemats

Check out how to make these #rustic #DIY jute placemats for #farmhouse #HomeDecorIdeas


Small accents like a placemat are always welcome to infuse some farmhouse style to your decor in a subtle way.…

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