I’m so excited about this DIY it combines nearly all my favourite things; rabbits, chocolate and gift wrapping. I’m been a huge fan of furoshiki (or the Japanese art wrapping gifts with fabric) for a long time however, it can feel just a little too serious. For this DIY I wanted to create a fun Easter craft that can be put together really quickly and still look sweet. I think they make a great alternative to easter eggs (which waste so much packaging) and would look fab on an Easter table with spring blooms scattered all around. Here’s how to make…
You’ll need – fillable plastic eggs, plain cotton fabric cut into 25x25cm squares (depending on the size of your eggs this measurement could change so do a tester first), mini flower pots, straw or crepe paper, grey and pink marker pens and chocolate treats.
Step 1. Fill your eggs with treats (try not to eat them all – this was the most challenging part of the whole project for me!) 
Step 2. Place the filled egg into the centre of the fabric, taking the opposite diagonal corners tie a double knot fairly tightly at the top of the egg. I found it best to put the egg into a flower pot whilst I did this. 
Step 3. Take the remaining corners and tie in a single knot, forming bunny ears and covering the first knot. You might need to fiddle about to get the right shape and to get the ears to stick up. 
Step 4. Draw on two oval eyes using a dark grey marker and then draw a little ‘v’ shape with a pink marker for the mouth. 

Step 5. Depending on the size of your pots and eggs you might want to skip this step. As my eggs were a little small for the pots I added a scrap of spare fabric to the base of the pot to raise them up then created a small crepe paper boarder. To make the boarder take a length of crepe paper about 3cm wide and 30 long snip into it to make ‘straw’ and add around the pot. If I had, some I would have used gift wrapping straw instead, it just saves a little bit of time. 

I made six of these for the tutorial and found it best to do each stage in batches, I just love how sweet they look poking out from the tops of the flower pots.

I love the simplicity of using white cotton but you could always use a rainbow of pastel colours or a little Liberty print never goes wrong at this time of year. Happy making! x