I had to share this extremely easy bunting I made a few weekends ago. I’ve been updating my garden this year and whilst I wait for the plants to grow I wanted to add a splash of colour to a shady corner. I realise bunting is nothing new but sometimes (especially in summer) it’s just what you need to make a space feel a little more fancy. We hosted a Fathers Day/Birthday barbecue at the weekend and it was the perfect accessory for a simple summer table
I used fabric from old swatch books but any thick upholstery fabric would work just as well. 

Step 1. Cut triangles of fabric 15cm wide at the top and 17cm long – use pinking shears so there is no need to hem. 
Step 2. Take a long piece of ribbon (I’ve been challenging myself to use up what I have, so used a roll of grosgrain I had in my stash) and then stitch onto the ribbon with a wide zig zag stitch on the sewing machine. I spaced these approximately 10cm apart. 
As a little extra detail I used a contrasting thread, but you don’t have too. 

Once all the pieces were cut out I couldn’t believe how quick it was to run this up, I always presumed that bunting takes ages to put together. If you want to see how it looks in my garden pop over to my garden instagram account @Lottsinthegarden. Happy making and happy weekend. xx