DIY Entryway Makeover And Decor In European Minimalism Style – How To Organize Small Entryway

In this video I declutter, remake and decorate my small flat entryway in my favorite interior design style – European minimalism. Hope you’ll find my experience useful and inspirational to make your own entryway room stylish and organized.

I challenged myself for this DIY project – to use only European materials, furniture and decorations. Even scissors and clear tape were made in Germany. LOL But that’s not so hard for me because I live in Europe 😉 I’ll specify…
I live in a very old European city (my native), in a flat which is in a pretty old house. That’s common for European cities. I never have free time to remake or upgrade anything except the room I film my videos. And my entryway looked literary awful. LOL So in the very beginning of the video I show you my entryway as it is (was) – no tricks and preparations LOL

Here are few tips I’ve followed while preparing to the makeover:

– minimalism is “light” and “free space”. So I chose white paint to make the small space look bigger. Plus I used latex paint which is easy to clean, because I have a dog and she loves to sleep near walls LOL
– not too much colors! I chose white-black-wood color combination which is traditional for European minimalism. Plus light grey and pale blue.
– I used things I already had at home to decorate my space. Like skateboard deck, or whiteboard. So it is not necessary to buy something special – just turn your useless stuff into something new, useful and stylish.
– Things everyone needs in entryway – coat rack, some hook rack to hang bags and purses, the place for keys, shelves for shoes, mirror. To store things that are to large to hang on the hook rack (such as backpacks, umbrellas etc.) I used a storage pouffes, which can be used as seats. They matched perfectly to the side table, which can be used as a place to store keys, phones, newspapers, letters etc. And, of course, my corner with table and seats is a great looking place to drink a coffee or read a magazine.
– What else do I store in my entryway – jewelry (so I’ve made a DIY minimalistic jewelry holder-wall art), perfume (I hanged the shelves on the wall), sunglasses (I made a DIY sunglasses organizer which is a cute interior decoration too).
– If you will use a carpet in your entryway – just place it as far from the entry door as possible. It will be hard to clean.

Really hope you’ll enjoy and will get inspired!

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