diy driftwood christmas tree supplies sneak peak adorablestIs it too early for Christmas crafts? Here’s a sneak peek for tomorrow’s DIY – Driftwood Christmas Tree. Since making the DIY – Faux Coral this week, I wanted to try and include it in a craft that could somehow be used.

If it’s too early for Christmas, but you like the idea of this DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree, it will give you chance to collect the pieces at your leisure. If you don’t live near a beach, or driftwood is hard to find, check out this link How to Make Your Own Driftwood on (a whole site devoted to the love of driftwood). Using this DIY your own driftwood takes about a week according to the post (and also mentions definitely not for your aquarium!)

You’ll need the supplies as listed on the image above (or improvise), plus a pair of scissors for the DIY. Following up from my post the other day, I’ve coated the Faux Coral I made with about 3 coats of clear nail polish now. I used Ulta3 brand, the one from the chemist  in the $2 ‘pile’, for readers in Australia. Using this nail polish on the Soft Clay seems to be fine. So far it’s not sticky (like nail polish on polymer clay can be). It has hardened and made the faux coral slightly glossy.

See you tomorrow for DIY – Driftwood Christmas Tree and Link Love.


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