DIY Dishwasher – How To Make A Dishwashing Machine

Super easy and cheap way to make your own dishwasher! All you’ll need is a plastic trash can, magnets and lids from Pringles.

This DIY project is very quick, cheap and easy to do and it really works! I haven’t decided how to wash forks and spoons in my invention, but it works perfect with plates and cups! 🙂

For my #DIY dishwasher I used a plastic trash can which was 32×17 cm and 28 cm high; 4 Pringles lids, magnets (diameter 1 cm, 12 pieces), 2 popsicle sticks, 2 cabinet knobs, 4 rubber bands and a super glue.

Just few tips:
Check magnetic fields before securing magnets with super glue.
Wash and dry sponges after every use.
Obviously – rinse plates and cups (glasses) with clean water after using dishwasher.

Hope my new invention will keep your hands far from contact with washing-up liquid and will reduce rubber gloves waste.
So, #DoItYourself !
Love you! Idunn 🙂

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