DIY Desk Decor And Organization – Gold And White Contemporary Minimalist Style

Get inspired with my easy DIY projects for your desk and room! DIY desk shelf, knitted display for notes, DIY desk lamp and pencil holders – everything is light, minimalist and pretty scandi 🙂

I start with a #DIY desktop shelf made with photo frames (1 – 20×30 cm, 2 – 10×15 cm). It would be much more faster to make if my frames would be gold. Instead they were black, so I’ve painted them white first (as a prime coat) and then covered with gold. Always use a first white paint coat if your surface is dark.

The second DIY is a super adorable and super easy display-organizer for notes, pictures and any cute or necessary stuff. All you need is a canvas (mine was 30×30 cm) – or use a lid from shoe box, also nails (or thumbtacks), and old (useless) knitted scarf (you will not damage it and will be able to remove it from canvas anytime).

Next – DIY #Desk Lamp (or functional decorative light). I took a clear vase and painted the top and the bottom with gold acrylic paint. Inside the vase I put the artificial leaf of fern and fairy lights. And, of course, turned the vase upside down. Looks like a cool giant glass tube! Love it!

And the last, but not least project – is a 3-in-1 pencil holder. By the way, it could also be used as a candle stick! I took three empty reed diffusers (cube bottles from home fragrance) and painted all lids with gold, and every bottle with different color – light blue, pale pink and white (acrylic paints). Set it as a pyramid or just in a row – they look cute anyway! And no useless unnecessary stuff around the desk – just 2 pencils, 1 pen ans paintbrushes, of course 🙂

Hope you enjoyed, got inspired for your own creations and will #DoItYourself !
Love you! Idunn

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