DIY curtains come to the rescue when you can’t choose the right ones for your room or you’re on a tight budget. Better yet if they are easy to make (no sew), especially if you’re not an experienced crafter. These 20 tutorials will help you out in all of the cases.

We’ve all been there. Choosing the right curtains sometimes is a real headache. Nothing just seems to be the perfect fit. If only you could make your own curtains and do it right. Well, we’ve come up with a list of tutorials that will make DIY curtains very easy. Have some spare tablecloth or plain basic curtains? That’s all you need to get started. Check these out!

DIY Tablecloth Curtains

How to make #DIY Tablecloth Curtains #homedecor


Here is a great idea of how you can use intriguing and printed tablecloth and turn it into a wonderful set of curtains for any room of the house. This project requires a long piece of tablecloth (the busier, the better!), and some sewing skills. Folding plays a huge role in the making of the curtains, so precision and aesthetics are key to giving this project a go.

Whether you have a tablecloth at home, or you need to buy one, this DIY idea is incredibly affordable, time-friendly and all about a splash of color and pattern!

Gold Leaf DIY Curtains

Glamorous and sophisticated DIY projects don’t necessarily need to be expensive and time-consuming. Here is a great idea that you can put into practice with less work than anticipated. These gold leaf embellished curtains work well in any space of the house and introduce a playful, yet elegant vibe to it.

For this project, you will need a pair of one-color curtain panels, gold or copper-gold leaf design, a spray adhesive and fixer as well as some masking tape.…

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