I was inspired by a confetti print on an old napkin and thought it would make a fun backdrop. My favorite thing about this wall decor is its made completely of paper. So easy.


We cut this paper and taped it up to create a confetti inspired-photo-worthy party backdrop. We added some fun balloons on the ground to complete the look.





Materials needed: Cardstock (in a bunch of colors), scissors, masking tape

Step 1: Make a short stack of cardstock and cut out a bunch of rectangles and circles of various sizes with a pair of scissors. You can tape a couple sheets together for a larger shape. Don’t worry about making them perfect — they look best handcut!

Step 2: Stick a loop of masking tape to the back of each piece and attach to the wall. Use a few loops for the larger pieces. Take a step back and admire your work! So simple!




Photography by Sarah Price Olsen & Naomi Julia Satake
Crafting by Naomi Julia Satake & Justine Pon


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