Let’s get our hands dirty today. With Easter just around the corner I suggest that we paint some eggs. In my family this is a really big tradition, where we get together, chat, laugh, eat, drink and have fun.


I have for you one quick and interesting way of dying the eggs that is not time consuming and at the same time the results are original and interesting. When you look at the eggs they look like painted with watercolor, but we will not use brushes today.
Here is what you will need:
Hard boiled white eggs, paint, cotton roll, few bowls, spoons and oil to add the finishing touch to the eggs.


On the cotton sprinkle some paint drops – I mixed pink and blue, but you can mix also green and yellow, blue and green etc. Try to cover an area on the cotton roll that would cover the whole egg without leaving too many empty spaces. Wrap the egg and leave it for few minutes. When you unwrap it leave it to dry and then polish it with oil for shining result.


Do you dye eggs for Easter? What is your favorite way to do it?

79ideas_colorful_easter_eggs_have_funphotography: radostina