This DIY brass toilet paper holder is going to thrill you. Not only is it the easiest, fastest DIY in perhaps the entire history of DIYs to complete, but it’s also one of the most rewarding end results. So chic! I should state here that, originally, this toilet paper holder was designed to be installed vertically, because it just looks so chic. But for reasons I’ll explain later in this tutorial, that installation didn’t end up being my favorite functionally. So horizontal it is. I say this to let you know that there are always options in DIY! Whatever you like. Let’s get to it, so you can have your own sleek and sophisticated brass toilet paper holder (in about 5 minutes).

DIY Level: Beginner

Materials Needed:

Note: All materials were purchased from this online retailer; item numbers are included for your convenience.

  • a – Flange with slip through center hole, unfinished brass (FL1) *Note: This piece is recommended for a vertical installation but isn’t needed for a horizontal installation.
  • b –3” long round hollow pipe with male threaded ends, 3/8” outer diameter, unfinished brass (PIBR03-0X8)
  • c –6” long round hollow pipe with male threaded ends, 3/8” outer diameter, unfinished brass (PIBR06-0X8)
  • d –Short flat bracket cap, unfinished brass (FI1450)
  • e –3/4″ 90 degree threaded straight armback, unfinished brass (AB472)
  • f – Flange with threaded center hole, unfinished brass (FL2F)
  • Not shown: Three (3) brass wood screws for mounting

If you want a general overview, this is how your assembly is going to go. I’ll walk you through it step by step.

Screw the threaded flange onto one end of your 3” pipe.

Screw the other end of your 3” pipe into the side threads of your 90 degree armback.

Screw the 6” pipe onto the top threads of your armback. Drop your slip through flange onto the 6” pipe (for vertical installations only).

Lastly (already! can you believe it?), screw your cap onto the remaining threads of your 6” pipe.

And you’re done. You’ve done it. Finished. Congratulations.

It’s such a simple, sleek bathroom accessory, isn’t it?

Find a stud in your bathroom wall, and mount the beautiful brass toilet paper holder.

I love its simple elegance. Brass makes everything better…even bathrooms!

The reason I chose to go with a horizontal mount instead of a vertical one is because, when I put a roll of Toilet Paper on the holder and held it vertically to determine where to install it in the bathroom, the toilet paper roll kept unrolling on its own. This blocked most of the pretty brass fixture, not to mention it wasn’t attractive in its own right.

I’m extremely happy with the horizontal mount, though, and the easiness of replacing the toilet paper roll when necessary. You can still keep the slip through flange on the holder if you want; completely your choice.

Happy DIYing!

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