Hold onto your hats, here is the first of my 2017 Christmas tutorials. My sister was asking for stocking ideas so whilst I was waiting in a lengthy post office queue I had a little thumb through Pinterest and came across stockings that looked like they were made from jumpers. Knowing I had this blush jumper in a reuse pile at home I quickly (and thats the only way I make these days) conjured up this recycled cashmere stocking  tutorial. I made mine in about 10 minute blocks over a couple of weeks, making the pom poms is the longest part so I suggest a blanket and a terrible/brilliant Christmas film to keep you company, here’s how to make…

You’ll need – A jumper (it doesn’t have to be cashmere but it is so soft!), sewing machine, needle and thread, wool and pom pom maker.

Step 1. Turn your jumper upside down so the hem is facing up and neck is facing down, extend the arms. Using some paper (I used old wrapping paper) make a rough stocking shape using the arm as the foot and body seam as one side of the stocking (it saves time sewing). It can be quite homespun as the the style we’re going for. Cut the template out and pin onto the jumper. 

Step 2. Using a sewing machine sew around the stocking pattern. Sewing before cutting means you reduce the chance of the jumper/stocking unraveling. Once stitched cut around the stocking shape leaving about 0.5cm from the stitching.

Step 3. Decorate! I made a few pom poms per day (they really don’t take long) and then did a simple blanket stitch around the top in a contrasting thread. When making pom poms keep the gathering thread long as you’ll need this for attaching them to the stocking. To attach the pom poms thread the thread (!) through onto the wrong side of the stocking and tie with a couple of knots to secure, cut off the excess thread.

Step 4. You can add a simple loop to finish but I decided to add a little extra (and again this didn’t take long). Take three lengths of contrasting wool/thread – I used the wool and thread from the pom poms and the stitching and fold in half and tie a knot about 3cm from the top. Take a second length of each colour any place horizontally behind the first threads do three simple macrame box knots (see this cord and jewel bracelet tutorial). Add a wooden bead to the central threads and then repeat – do this three times. I then did some simple knots along the remaining length and added some poms poms to finish. I then attached onto the stocking with a few stitches. 

Apart from the general excitement of Christmas, nothing makes me happier than making something out of nothing – these stockings feel really luxurious but only cost me £2.50 to make. They are also roomy enough to be filled with goodies, I’m hoping Santa will be me lots of seeds to plant, new socks and perhaps a Glossier haul? Happy making and don’t forget to share your makes with the makingchristmasbeautiful hashtag. xx 


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