DIY Bridesmaid Gift BoxIf you’re looking to go one step beyond the card printable I shared last week for asking your BFFS to be your bridesmaids, then I suggest making them a gift box! You can set any budget, customize for any taste, and they feel like such a treat. Here are a few tips and tricks + a look at what was included in the boxes I gave to my friends:

DIY Bridesmaid Gift BoxThere really are no set rules for makings a bridesmaid gift box; you can keep it small or go over the top– whatever you feel comfortable doing. A few things I would say to keep in mind when putting one together is to remember your friend’s individual taste — it’s still a gift after all. Plus no two bridesmaids are exactly the same, so while you may have a few overlapping similar items, it helps to vary them slightly in order to customize them.

I think it’s also important to remember that this should be a celebratory gift (think party in a box). Weddings are expensive on their own, don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of money on them. I found candy boxes and decided that they would be the main element of my box. They’re champagne gummy bears and pink diamonds, so it felt special, even though it’s just candy. 

DIY Bridesmaid Gift BoxHere’s what I included in my gift boxes:

– A card (don’t forget to grab the free download)

Confetti popper

Candy box

– Something custom for each Bridesmaid (a photo, shot glass, something you made, etc)

– Paper filler

DIY Bridesmaid Card Printable (+ Maid of Honor!)If you are giving these boxes in person, I also recommend including a mini bottle of champagne or wine to celebrate (since it can’t be shipped). You can also gift them a cuter box than a shipping box, like maybe a small open crate or gift box from Paper Source. If you are shipping, consider the weight of all your items before making any purchases, shipping multiple boxes adds up quick!

That’s really all there is to it! Assemble everything together and celebrate!

DIY Bridesmaid Gift Box

DIY Bridesmaid Gift Box


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