Here is a great way to upcylce your old sweater with a zip detail at the back. Haven’t worn this sweater for in years and now I’m loving it. I’m bringing sexy back this Autumn! If you tried this DIY tag me on Instagram I would love to see how yours turned out.

You will need
divisible zipper
zipper foot
Step 1
Cut the centre back 
Step 3
Place the zipper on the edge of the sweater upside down with the wrong side facing up.
Step 4
Pin the zipper to the sweater edge. Unzip zipper when it is secured.

Step 5
Use a zipper foot, to sew the zipper to the sweater. Help the sewing by pulling the sweater gently when it is needed. Repeat the same steps for the other side. 
Optional step
Topstitch the edge for a finish touch.
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