Create A Dreamy Bedroom Full Of Texture And Character With All Of This DIY Boho Bedroom Inspiration Featured On

DIY Boho Bedroom Inspiration

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Boho style has become a major player when it comes to interior design, and it’s a great trend to jump onboard for summertime.  Going boho means embracing an airy, breezy vibe full of lightness and color – perfect for this time of year.  If wanderlust, adventure and dreaming big are regulars in your vocabulary, it’s time to bring that boho spirit into your bedroom decor!  Not sure where to start?  We’ve broken boho style down into 10 key design elements, with DIY projects for each one.  Now you can DIY the boho bedroom of your dreams!


1. Texture… so much texture! 

The most important element of boho design is layering texture upon texture.  You want your room to look soft, welcoming and dreamy.  You can incorporate this in many ways – but textiles are crucial.  You’ll want blankets, throws, pillows (you can never have too many pillows), curtains, more curtains, and rugs.  The more varied the fabrics and tactile experience the better.  



DIY Natural TieDye Fabric Pillow 2

Natural Tie Dye Pillow // High on DIY

Diy Fringe Pillow J Blakeney1

Shaggy Trim Pillows // The Jungalow


Knot Pillows // JoAnn

DIY Bohemian No Sew Pillow Tutorial @monsterscircus

No-Sew Fuzzy Boho Pillows // Monsters Circus


8698729 F520

Crocheted Rag Rug // Felt Magnet

Braided Rag Rug Tutorial 027

Braided T-Shirt Rug // Captain Crafty

IMG 0609

Woven Rope and Pom Pom Rug // Red Lipstick and French Toast


Giant Pom Pom Throw Blanket // Vintage Revivals


Yarn Tassel Duvet // Freckle and Fair

Canopies and Headboards:

Easiest Headboard EVER... Use A Round Beach Throw To Upholster A Half Curcle Headboard Reality D 1

Upholstered Mandala Headboard // Reality Daydream


Headboard Curtain Canopy // Stephanie Messick

IMG 0020 2

Copper Pipe and Sheers Four-Corner Canopy // One Kings Lane


2. Yarn, string and twine.

The boho look is full of pom poms, tassels, cozy wrapped decor items, and other yarn goodies.  String art and yarn wall hangings are a great way to bring this idea into your room, but you can also use jute or rope to hang shelves, wrap vases and more.  Don’t underestimate the power of adding giant pom poms to your blankets, or tassels to your lamp shades.  Yarn or rope are great textile mediums that will bring even more texture into your space.



Giant Dream Catcher // Cassie Bustamante

Pom Pom Rug 624x766

Pom Pom Rug // Babble

DSC 00323

Twine and Pearl Chandelier // Can Can Dancer

DIY Modern Wall Hanging1

Modern Yarn Hanging // Homey Oh My


Fiber Art // A Beautiful Mess

Yarn Wall Hanging 17

Pom and Tassel Wall Hanging // Brit and Co


3. A vivid, varied color palette.

One huge marker of bohemian style is the amazing color pallet usually associated with the look.  Deep jewel tones in all different shades are common – and you don’t have to pick just one or two favorites.  With boho, more color offers a rich, luxurious look.  If you prefer a more subtle approach, opt for white in all your major players (walls, furniture, bedspread) and add pops of color through artwork and accents.

Make T Shirt Rag Rug Apieceofrainbowblog 210

Hula Hoop Woven Rug // A Piece of Rainbow


Rag Rug Pillows // The White Buffalo

Pom Pom Pillow 16

Pom Pom Pillow // A Kailo Chic Life


4. Mixing up the colors and patterns.

Instead of finding one main focal piece in a bright color or pattern, mix your patterns and colors in an almost whimsical display.  Opt for prints like shibori, ikat, damask, batik, or anything with a moroccan or tribal feel.  Use different types of fabrics – from heavy-weight upholstery to silk to fur.  Counter all the color and patterns with a low-key white bedspread. 



Boho Rag Curtains // Bohemian Valhalla

IMG 9361

Tapestry Headboard // Mr. Kate


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Create A Dreamy Bedroom Full Of Texture And Character With All Of This DIY Boho Bedroom Inspiration Featured On

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