Here is a way to transform your old tank top into a bodysuit. Bodysuits are extremely trendy! With this tutorial you will save a lot of money. Click on read more to see the written tutorial or you can watch video over here and subscribe to my channel.
You need
Tank top
Sewing machine
How to
Step 1 Lay your underwear on the hemline of the tank top.
Step 2 Cut two slits, don’t forget the hem allowance
Step 3 Place the underwear on the widest part of your top
Step 4 Cut from the slit all the way up
Step 5 Outline the front panel with pins. Place your fingertip on the hemline and pull the fabric away. Pin the pin down.
Step 6 Take out your pins and pin only the front of the top. 
Then fold your top in half and replace the pins on both sides of the top.
Step 7 Cut along the pins. 
Step 8 Try on the bodysuit to how it looks on. Shorten the front panel if you can
Step 9 Hem the edges with a zigzag stitch. Then sew the bottom or place press studs.