There’s no bedroom without a bed and that makes this usually large piece of furniture the focal point of the sleeping area. A new bed is usually a pretty big investment but not if you build the frame yourself. You may think the idea of a DIY bed frame is just a nice dream but in fact the project is not as difficult as it seems.  If you’re organized and attentive to details, there really nothing to be nervous about. To encourage you, we’re prepared some tutorials you can check out.

The easiest furniture pieces to build are those with rustic designs or a farmhouse style, much like this bed featured on diystinctlymade. Putting together the headboard and then the rest of the frame is not exactly complicated and once everything is in place you can enjoy what we think is the most fun and rewarding part: staining the wood and seeing the bed actually take shape.

There’s also a nice tutorial on mycajuntrinity which also explains how to build a bed frame along with a headboard. Keep in mind that your bed frame should should match the proportions of the mattress you plan on using so measure twice and cut once just to be on the safe side. Allow yourself some wiggle room, leaving a few extra cm just so you have some flexibility in the long run.

With platform beds things are even easier and that’s because there are fewer cuts to make and fewer details to worry about during the assembly process. The DIY platform bed featured on shanty-2-chic is extra charming because its headboard has the worn look specific to reclaimed boards. You can give the frame a distressed look manually by simply sanding off certain sections after the wood has been stained.

Sure, a DIY bed frame may lack some of the sophistication of a store-bought bed but it compensates for that through its uniqueness and through the fact that you actually get to build it yourself, with your own hands. There’s nothing more satisfying than that in this context. So how about this bed? You can check out acitybornlove to find out all the details about its design.

Upholstered bed frames have their own way of looking charming and sophisticated but from the point of view of a DIY project that means more work and a more complex and difficult project. Still, don’t be discouraged. The whole project is still fairly easy and you could definitely do something this if you wanted to. Check out this detailed tutorial on littlegreennotebook and let yourself be inspired by it.

What if you already have a bed but you’d like to update its look a little bit? That’s possible too. In fact, we just came across this project which shows the transformaion of a box spring bed into a platform bed. You can find it on craftycorn3r. The bed got new legs, new fabric upholstery and an elegant trim around its frame. Isn’t that headboard wonderful? Perhaps your own old bed could use a makeover too.

We talked about platform beds and also about how easy it can be to give an old bed frame a makeover but there are plenty of other related designs and ideas to focus on, like the four-poster bed which is pretty special no matter how you look at it. This sort of bed frames also tend to be quite expensive so you might want to consider the DIY alternative instead. We suggest checking out the tutorial offered on jaimecostiglio first.

Could hairpin legs support a bed frame? They sure look elegant on tables so perhaps this option could work too. As it turns out, it does. We found this chic hairpin led bed frame on myso-calledhandmadelife and it really caught our eye. It’s so simple and yet so interesting. The legs really help to give the bed a lightweight appearance which is something you can definitely take advantage of in a small bedroom.

If you ever have the chance of bring home some old wood board from a demolished barn, a deck or other such structures, we suggest you do it, especially if you’re a fan of DIY home improvement projects and crafts.  There are a lot of cool projects you could do with the wood. For instance, with enough boards you could build a bed frame just like the one showcased on theaccentpiece.

There’s more to think about than just aesthetics when building a bed frame. For example, you might want to consider integrating some sort of storage solution into the frame, like pull-out drawers or shelves for boxed and other things. Sure, building a bed frame with built-in drawers is more difficult than building a simple platform frame but that’s where detailed tutorials like this one from instructables show their usefulness.

A headboard is considered a must-have by a lot of people but there are cases when one is not needed. That leaves you with the bed platform which is super easy to put together once you cut all the boards to the right size. Even if you don’t include a headboard at first into your design, you can add one later on. As far as the platform is concerned, you could build that out of reclaimed pallet wood. Check out instructables for additional details.

Building a bed frame out of metal pipes can be even easier than building one out of wood. Also, the industrial look could actually suit your bedroom better than the rustic look of wood. To balance out some of the rugged and cold nature of the metal pipes, the headboard could be made out of wood, reclaimed or not. Repurposing a pallet can also work in this case. Have a look at the tutorial from instructables to find out a bit more about this idea.

Building a frame for a small single-person bed is easy and chances are you might not even have to add a support beam at the center. Just look how simple this design is. We like the open sides and the fact that the mattress is high enough to leave some room underneath for storage boxes. The open sides also help to create a lightweight appearance which is important when dealing with a small space. {found on instructables}.

There are a few ways in which you can give your DIY bed frame a special look or in which you can make the design stand out. One option is to use LED light strips. You could attach these to the back of the headboard and they’ll create a soft glow around it. It’s a lovely way of adding some color to the bedroom and of providing mood lighting in an interesting way. {found on instructables}

Another idea is to simply pick a style that stands out. For example, check out this mid-century inspired DIY bed frame from biggerthanthethreeofus. The design is not overly complicated. In fact, it’s all pretty simple actually but there’s something about the angles and the way in which the panels interact with each other that makes this bed look special.

Of course, sometimes it’s just easier to stick with the classics, like this wooden bed frame featured on thegreatgoodness. There’s nothing unusual about it and that’s the beauty of the project. You don’t have to worry about customizing the project or running into unexpected problems. You do. however, have to be careful with the measurements but that applies to every single DIY project so nothing special here either.

What if, on the contrary, you want your bed to be special? There are plenty of options there too, like this herringbone bed frame from jennsblahblahblog for instance. You can use actual floor tiles for this project. It works out great if you plan of replacing your old herringbone flooring with something else anyway or if you know someone who does.

Whether you get your wood from reclaimed pallets, demolished barns, decks or other structures, it doesn’t really matter because reclaimed wood is always charming and special. What’s great about it is that it comes with a story and that it has that unique worn look which you just can;t replicate in the same way. Have a look at the project shared on mrkate to find out how you can use the wood to build a platform bed with tons of character.

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