For the love of unicorns, I bring you this cute little stuffed balloon animal using our popular balloon stuffed animal we shared a few years back. This one, remember?  Add a cord to make into a purse like this one

This little guy is my favorite project so far! My daughter is just in love with it and I think I am too! I mean look at it. 



  • Make the body of the balloon animal as you would on our original  tutorial but make the nose longer, ears a bit smaller.
  • To make the unicorn horn, you will need felt, gold fabric, gold string and hot glue. Cut a triangle out of felt, about 2 inches in length, form into a cone, add hot glue to seal. Fill the cone with fibber fill then hot glue a circle of felt to cover the bottom of the cone. Then cover the cone with a piece of gold fabric and then hot glue ends. Starting at the tip of the cone, hot glue the string to the top of the cone and wrap around tightly all around the cone.
  • To make the hair, using a 4 x 5 inches of fabric, cut into fringe in a few various fabric colors. Roll the fringe pieces of fabric and align together and sew.
  • To attach the hair, insert it between the two ears and use some hot glue to secure.
  • To attach the tail hair, you will need to insert it before you finish tying the tail. sew in between the tail to secure.

Now, get some knit dancewear fabric in white and get crafting these amazing balllloon animal unicorns. It’s a perfect gift for the unicorn trend fans!