Here I am making more balloon animals and now this time around my girl wanted to actually wear it.

I had a few trial an error and I wasn’t able to make an actual purse with a zipper in this kinda form. I had to re- make a few balloon animals but at the end I gave up. I’m not an expert in sewing and sewing basic things is what I do.

So at the end, I added up added just a cord. Even though, it didn’t end up how I wanted it to be, my daughter still loved it and loves the way she can carry her favorite balloon animal around with her like a purse.
Read our tutorial on how to make the stuffed balloon animal. Once finished simply tie a cord between the body part to the desired length.

For the fabric I used some bright dance wear fabric in white and pink and then I used an green/purple amazing cosplay fabric from JoAnn’s.

Will you be making some of these for you little one?