Welcome to a crafty Wednesday! Today I am showing you how to make an easy-breezy cuff. If you are not into cuffs you can use this idea to make a corsage. 
What you need:
(vintage) fabric, crochet (velvet, fabric) flowers, beads and ribbon (sateen or velvet). Fabric glue, sewing needle and thread.
Cut 15 cm rectangle piece. You can leave it as a rectangle. I like to gradually narrow it at the end for effect. My fabric is synthetic so I singed the edges to stop fraying.

Next, some light sewing. Put the fabric under the foot and push it as you sew to get the ruffles. Cut ribbon that would be sufficient to tie it around the wrist. Glue the ribbon over the ruffled piece.

I wanted to use a velvet ribbon but had none in any of the colors of the fabric so I used sateen and added / glued a sequin ribbon at the sides to make it sparkly a little bit.

Position the flowers on the cuff and sew them nicely.

Cut a strip of fabric and glue it at the back to hide the machine stitching (of the whole cuff) and hand stitching (of the flowers).
It cannot be easier than this.


I made this cuff for myself and used a piece of my grandma’s dress. I saved many of my grans’ dresses and love to use them in my projects. I hope you liked this one.