Ooooo do I have a fun and easy home decor project for you today! We had a surplus of disco balls left after our wedding that of course I didn’t want to part with. Instead of keeping them in a box in storage, I needed to find a place to make them part of our everyday decor. As you can see by now– they found a home in the fireplace! Not only does this brighten the room, but it also adds that pop of fun the room needed.  Here’s how I made our disco ball fireplace:

Disco Ball FireplaceHere’s what you’ll need:

– Variety of disco balls: 4″, 6″ 8″ and 10″

– Large disco ball (mine was 16″)

– Tape (optional)

If you need to buy a large quantity of disco balls, I found mine here! They were the cheapest I could find when doing the search for our wedding. They’re also pretty good quality and I’d buy from them again if I needed more in the future. You can continue reading for for my tips for this project, or check out my latest YouTube video!

Disco Ball FireplaceAs you can imagine, there really isn’t more to this how-to than just putting disco balls in the fireplace. But I do have a few techniques + tips that I think are helpful when working through it!

1. Be careful! Remember that disco balls are still glass. If they slide around or drop when you’re working, be careful when handling. I did get a piece of glass in my finger at one point, so wearing gloves would be smart.

2. Start with the largest disco ball on the bottom and build a base around there. Once you have the pieces in and sturdy (these are the pieces that shouldn’t roll at all), start filling in the holes and spaces from there.

3. The 4″ disco balls are the real MVPs. They help close those small gaps you’re bound to get, but they also help the fireplace feel really full.

Disco Ball FireplaceThat’s really all there is to it!

Our fireplace does work, so I’ll most likely need to find a new place to store these in a few months. I’m thinking on top of the hutch– is that too wild?? Is there such a thing?? In the meantime, and for those months we aren’t lighting a fire, it really is such a fun way to liven up the space.

10/10 highly recommend this easy home decor project!

Disco Ball Fireplace

Disco Ball Fireplace

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