It has been a long time since I changed the dining table setup and its’ decoration (you can see the last decoration change I did here). I like to do this every once in a while and find that just a few subtile changes in the decor can give a room an entire new look. This time, I worked with plants and green elements, inspired by these beautiful dark green Raami glasses from Iittala*. I usually have my plants all on the window sill in the living room, but now I took some pancake plants out and added them on display on my sideaboards (the sideboards are Ikea Eket in case you are wondering, there is always people asking). I love the way the fresh greenery works in combination with all the white here and the beige and black tints in my Folded no.1 art print.

On the table itself I worked with a simple table setting with linen napkins with a subtile light grey trim* and simple cutlery from Sabre Paris*. I love my table settings simple and I think when you have an element of color, like the green glasses, it doesn’t need much more to make it look special. I tied up the napkins in a little knot, which is way more playful and informal.

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