• 25 Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Decor Ideas
    The Nightmare Before Christmas is a gorgeous animated musical dark fantasy film by Tim Burton. It tells the story of Jack Skellington, the King of “Halloween Town” who stumbles through a portal to “Christmas Town” and becomes obsessed with celebrating the holiday. If you are a fan of this beautiful story, the good new is that you may pop up such decor not only at Halloween but also at Christmas! The idea of the musical was about celebrating Christmas, so why not incorporate this idea into your decor? We’ve gathered a whole bunch of Nightmare Before Christmas trees that will... Read more »
  • Small Prefab Huga House For Off-The-Grid Living
    Prefab houses and cabins are perhaps on top of their popularity as everyone is craving for comfortable living wherever they want, for being mobile and still feel very cozy anywhere. Meet Hüga, a new and innovative type of prefab house developed by studio Grandio. It’s a compact and small house inspired by minimalism and the philosophy based on the idea that happiness doesn’t have to be linked to the material things. The house has a living surface of 45 square meters and it can be reduced or expanded upon in order to adapt to the needs of its inhabitants. The... Read more »
  • 26 Whimsical Floral Christmas Tree Decor Ideas
    If you are tired of all this traditional and boring decor at Christmas, if you want an out of the box Christmas tree that will catch all the eyes, I have a gorgeous idea for you: a floral Christmas tree! I don’t mean a whole tree made of blooms (though you can consider this option, too) but a Christmas tree decorated with flowers – real or faux ones. Your Christmas tree itself can have various colors: it can be usual, black, pink, silver, white, flocked or any other that pleases your eye. Decide whether you’ll use natural flowers or faux... Read more »
  • Contemporary African Residence With Viewing Platforms
    W DESIGN architecture studio introduces a contemporary residence nestled on the slopes of the Bronberg mountain, in South Africa. With the aim to merge landscape and architecture, the design generates a series of platforms to provide a spacious living environment with mesmerizing panoramic views. Between the steep, rocky slopes of the mountain, and the logistics of constructing a rather large accommodation requirement into a low profile landscape, the dwelling by W DESIGN had to literally carve the site open to find its ‘perch’. The new structure was guided by a portion of the property, a derelict platform left behind from... Read more »
  • Bungalow Etna In Mid-Century Modern Style
    McKinley Bungalow Etna is a minimal space located in Montauk, New York, designed by Studio Robert McKinley. This property is a 1,490-square-foot space outfitted with furniture and objects meant to instill inspiration and relaxation. Originally built in 1958, the home features four bedrooms with three bathrooms overlooking a nearly half-acre lot. By taking inspiration from the low-slung modern lines of the existing house, the studio blended a mixture of earthy tones, natural stone and masonry to create a sense of home without the loss of human touch. A primary guide for the main palette of the home came from sandy... Read more »
  • 60 Cool Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas
    Few days ago we’ve celebrated one of the most cool and funny holidays – Halloween. We hope that everybody has got a lot pleasure on this day and your guests have appreciated all your outdoor and indoor decorations. Although you shouldn’t relax, because Thanksgiving is very soon. It’s time to look for some cool ideas to decorate your house and to surprise your guests not only by tasty turkey but also by perfect holiday atmosphere. Below you can find several interesting ideas, which could give you some inspiration. Colors And Styles Decide on the style you gonna rock and the... Read more »
  • 25 Ways To Decorate A Classic Tabletop Christmas Tree
    If you don’t have enough space for a large Christmas tree, if you need some additional trees to rock to decorate some other spaces, this is what you need – a tabletop Christmas tree! Tabletop Christmas trees can decorate your bedroom, entryway, even bathroom or become pretty centerpieces. How to decorate such a tree? If you have really a small piece, you may rock no decor at all – just wrap it in burlap or place into a basket and voila, you have a small Christmas tree with a slight rustic feel. Another idea is decorating it with lights or... Read more »
  • Minimalist Japanese House With Moody And Calm Interiors
    Japanese architect Uoya Shigenori stripped back and reconfigured this 100-year-old townhouse in Kyoto to create moody and tranquil interiors for Maana Kamo house. The goal of the renovation was to preserve and expose the dwelling’s original structure while creating a minimalist retreat for quiet contemplation. Old finishes were all removed, exposing the old house’s rough, wooden structure and original walls that are made from clay. These original details have been teamed with dark, moody furnishings and subdued lighting, alongside new timber walls and floors lined with traditional straw tatami mats. Ornament is kept to a minimum throughout, while storage spaces for... Read more »
  • Colorful Apartment In Moscow With A Parisian Feel
    Measuring 117 square meters, this apartment in Moscow was designed by Daria Vasilkova for a young family with children. France happens to be the travel-loving couple’s favorite country, which led to the designer incorporating a Parisian feel throughout. In addition to the casual French flair, bright colors and contemporary furnishings round out the vibrant design. The interior incorporates the designer’s own furniture collection, REDA by Vasilkova Daria, as well as contemporary pieces from Sancal, like the Silencio armchair and ottoman, and Miniforms. The kitchen is a neutral grey allowing it to fall back and not take over the living space.... Read more »
  • 45 Relaxing And Harmonious Zen Bedrooms
    What is zen? It’s harmony and relaxation; in an interior it is not only about Asian features but also about harmonious and very sleek minimalist style. You may use even the most minimalist colors like black, white or grey – there should be a harmony, nothing unnecessary, no abundant accessories and other things. Tan and beige shades, taupe and even pastels are suitable and welcoming and will fit a zen bedroom giving you ultimate relaxation. Don’t be afraid to make your bedroom green – that’s the color of nature, a red or crimson – that would add passion still keeping... Read more »