• 25 Ways To Incorporate Seating Furniture Into A Bedroom
    A bedroom is a sleeping space where we usually see a bed, some bedside tables and maybe a wardrobe. Seating furniture like chairs, sofas, benches and other stuff aren’t often seen in bedrooms but what if you want to incorporate one or two pieces? Here are some ideas to do that with style and save some space. At The Foot Of The Bed The most popular idea is to place your seating furniture at the foot of the bed: it can be a sofa, a bench, some stools or ottomans or upholstered chairs. If you don’t have much space, limit... Read more »
  • Modern Delaktig Bed By IKEA And Tom Dixon
    Last year a collaboration between Tom Dixon and Ikea yielded the Delaktig, a sort of open-source furniture system built around a day bed/couch/seating platform, which could be customized in various ways. Now they’ve expanded the line to include a proper bed, Queen-sized, which features the same aluminum construction and snap-on, snap-off system of accessories (in this case a headboard, a side table and lights). There are several colors and materials available and you may assemble the bed and add a variety of accessories and elements you want, which is a traditional thing for IKEA items. This is a great idea... Read more »
  • 1950s Penthouse Renovated In Contemporary Style
    Brasil based Estúdio Paralelo completed the restoration of a 1950s São Paulo penthouse and revamped it for the needs of contemporary city living. The space has a total surface of 150 square meters and also displays an unconventional layout. The apartment absorbs both floor-plans of the two apartments per floor of this small building in Santa Cecília, each one with 60 square meters. Some of the major changes included updating the entire piping system and also adding concrete roof slabs for support. But the designers kept many of the original elements, such as the granilite in the staircase and the wooden... Read more »
  • 25 Ways To Decorate A Tiny Home And Make It Work
    Tiny homes and cabins are extremely popular right now – you may see many such houses on digsdigs, too. It can be a mobile cabin to construct it where you want and take it with you, a she shed in the garden to get a rest from everybody, a modular home from a famous designer and many other dwellings. Imagine – you’ve got it, so what to do next? How to decorate it right to make it work for you and get maximum of every inch of space? Here are some useful tips! Function First In a tiny home, the... Read more »
  • Modern Furniture Collection Inspired By Wormholes
    A wormhole is a phenomenon created in spacetime of the universe linking black hole and white hole. The idea of wormhole originated from the worm-eaten hole in an apple has brought the humankind the insatiable curiosity and mystery which have appeared in science fiction and served the scientific theory as well. We see the organic features in worm hole symbolizing the birth and life which are represented by the bellybutton of a mammal or the stalk end of the fruit. Korean designer Lee Jung Hoon’s work is intended to apply the beauty of moderate curve contained in the unknown dent... Read more »
  • Renovated 19th Century Apartment With Original Features
    Situated on the fifth floor of a residential building that dates back to 1819, the property is a remnant of Lisbon’s Pombaline period, an architectural style which emerged in the 18th century after the city experienced a major earthquake in 1755. The apartment called Lapa has been subtly revamped by locally-based Studio Gameiro to enhance its historical heritage while harmoniously introducing contemporary features. Aged frescos and exposed timber ceilings offset new floors and fixtures inside the Lisbon apartment. Divided into two separate zones, the apartment comprises of a private area that accommodates the bedrooms and a rear social area that... Read more »
  • 25 Smart Ways To Use IKEA Drona Boxes
    Storage is a very important point in each home: how to make it as functional as possible? How to declutter each space and avoid mess? Besides buying and making traditional storage furniture, you may also incorporate some storage boxes here and there. IKEA Drona boxes are pieces of a good size for slightly larger things like clothes, media accessories and toys. It’s a popular idea to rock for decorating your home without much fuss – these boxes come in a variety of colors that allows matching many interiors and color schemes. You may also spruce them up with stickers, tassels... Read more »
  • Furniture Series Of Hand-Carved Wooden Shapes
    This furniture collection will blow your mind! Kim Yun-Hwan has created a collection of hand-carved furniture pieces composed of varying numbers of organic wooden shapes. The unintended series started with one single shape that would make a small-size tray and an object, after which the Seoul-based designer decided to connect more of them together into one giant, curvy piece in the shape of a cabinet door. The work of the designer started out from change of unintended shapes, he wanted to express the moment of change when it occurred. The unintended series is entirely handmade, taking up to 12 hours... Read more »
  • Contemporary And Stylish 1906 Home Addition
    This two-story addition was designed for a 1906 masonry home by Hsu McCullough for a growing family. The Ashland Residence, located in Santa Monica, California, needed to expand while preserving as much outdoor space as possible. The only way to make that happen was to build up and over the Phase I footprint with a modern structure that filled the space between the original house and the garage. The contemporary addition adds two floors of living space that includes an upstairs master suite with a yoga/meditation deck and a first floor den, dining room with outdoor access, a kitchen, and... Read more »
  • 3 Home Organization Resolutions To Start 2019
    2019 is here and as most of us are waking up after the holidays and after that holiday cheer, it’s high time to give your home an unprejudiced look. It’s time to organize your home making it a cleaner, neater and more beautiful place to live, and organization resolutions will help with that. What to do first of all? Here are some ideas. Implement A Filing System z Most of us have tons of papers and documents around the house: bills, receipts, school papers, work papers, letters, cards and much more. What about organizing them all? A filing system will... Read more »


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